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NATIVITY Set - 140 piece

NATIVITY Set - 140 piece

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This set depicts the Nativity Story and birth of the baby Jesus as told in Luke Chapter 2 in the New Testament. You can use it to teach the Nativity Story, use it as part of an advent or pair it with a lesson to make it interactive and fun! Then, let the kids play all month long while they recite the story. This set includes: 

★ Baby Jesus
★ Mary & Joseph
★ A Shepherd
★ 3 Kings
★ 2 Animals
★ 140 total Pieces
★ Sturdy Box (8 1/2″ x 11″ x 2 1/4 ”)

This collection is a perfect addition to building block sets you already own + is a great way to enhance lessons, Family Home Evening and Bible Study! 

Our building blocks ARE compatible with other brands!

*Mini-Figures include small pieces. Recommended for ages 5+